Become a Representative-at-Large

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Representative-at-Large

  • For the 2018-2020 term, the Advisory Committee encourages two Representatives-At-Large from each of four districts in the Village of Kenilworth. (See map below)

  • Interested Representatives-At-Large may file completed petitions with the Secretary/Treasurer of the Advisory Committee.

  • Petitions shall be submitted by September 15, 2018 (Per the KCAC By-Laws)

  • Petitions submitted after September 15th, may be accepted by the Advisory Committee for any district provided the Representative-At-Large position remains unfilled.

  • In the event that more than two persons from a particular district, petition to serve as a Representative-At-Large, the two individuals with the greatest number of signatures from residents in their district shall be designated as the Representatives-At-Large.

  • Each Representative-At-Large serves a term of two years but may not serve more than four years in any six consecutive years.

  • If a Representative-At-Large is not in attendance at two or more consecutive meetings of the Advisory Committee, the Representative-at-Large may, by majority vote, lose all rights to participate.